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Alexandria and Washington D.C.
found maps, stylist pen, staedtler fine liner, color pencil, and watercolor on mixed media paper, 6x8” 
for T, who will be half a world away

"happy its-been-two-months-since-you-invited-yourself-over-to-watch-the-rookie-sophomore-allstar-game and its-been-a-month-since-you-sang-hold-on-we’re-going-home-to-me. i don’t know which one of those counts. or if any do…i know i’m happy. i guess that’s what counts"


Barry Oshea


Lebbeus Woods, San Francisco: Inhabiting the Quake, Quake City, 1995
Exhibition, Lebbeus Woods at the Drawing Center, New York, Apr 17, 2014 - Jun 15, 2014



Pagan Temple -
.dialog between Poseidon & Apollo (lake alice, gainesville, Fl)
On the surface of Lake Alice, a vertical wooden vessel can be found. The Pagan Temple is conceal for the necessity of the God of the Sea (Poseidon) and the God of the Sun (Apollo) to dialog. The result is a Vessel that through form and tectonic expression connects and creates a transition between the water and the sky.

.seeking form
A series of sketches start to seek the sociological form of a temple. Through multiple iterations, the result start to yield the idea of a “Vessel”.  Plus the idea of “Verticality” through tectonics + reflections + form. 

.program (water + sky)
The Vessel contains two spaces: the lower floor is a place for the connection of water, it provides views only into Lake Alice and an internal fountain. The upper floor is about the connection of the Sun. Therefore it is flooded with skylights and light shafts that continue down into the lower floor. Both spaces are connected by a physical element (stair) and an ethereal element (light shaft). 

.construction assembly
The construction of the Temple seeks the expression of verticality. Wrapping the vessel with the use of vertical metal structure and vertical wood panels. The exterior and interior image of the Temple is a connection from the water to the sky.

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Stephanie Jung (Berlin, Germany) Florescence, 2014


Urban Elements | Boris Loder

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WINNERS OF DESIGN VILLAGE 2014! Congratulations guys, and thank you for participating!

It just hit me that I will be leaving california to live/work/study/travel/play in florence for ten months in august.


JUSTIN RANDLE _ California Cooperative


makoko floating school. nle architects. lagos, nigeria. images (c) nle architects & iwan baan via

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